Okay Something I Need to Say…

January 5, 2007 at 2:16 am (Uncategorized)

especially to prospective friends.

Since I have been on the “interesting pages” my friends have grown to 200 and 20 something.

I expect that once again I will wake up tomorrow morning with more invitations, and while I would love to have unlimited friends (although that would be damn hard work) I am limited to 300.

So, for anyone out there today that wants to invite me to be their friend all I ask is that you give me a good reason to be your friend.

I know its really hard when you first start your blog and no one wants to be friends with you because you have nothing in it and you don’t really know what you are doing. Its all new and difficult and you don’t know how to upload a photo or edit your profile.

So my suggestion to all those new bloggers out there that want to be friends with me is, at least give it a try. Try to post something interesting about yourself, your interests, your life. Try to upload a photo or picture and see what happens. Don’t be afraid to stuff it up, you can always change it later. Go to the forums and groups for 360 and how to use it, there are very helpful tips there.

I am aware that I have some friends with empy profiles and no photos. They are people I either work with or have met in person and are overseas.

I am trying very hard to be nice and be friendly to everyone but it just isn’t possible.

Thanks Everyone.

Love Me xxxxxxxx

P.S. Having said that though I am so glad everyone has visited me and been so nice and I love all my friends old and new. And I am glad I had the opportunity to make so many new friends.



  1. Bowzer said,

    LOL, yes, I have just realised! I think I remember it being 78 or 79 at one stage…you are certainly a popular lady…er, cat…er, catlady…er, lady named after a cat…er… *dog gives up, needs to lie down*

  2. Anonymous said,

    i know what you mean it is difficult, i never accept anyone with blank pages unless i know them, oh and i seem to get a lot which are a language i can’t understand so i have to decline them too 🙂

  3. Anonymous said,

    Okay. Thats alright. We all understand. You are much more important than all this work when you work so had. If you want to work on something Just try your book. Much love and you will be missed and in our prayers. Always. Someones sister

  4. Anonymous said,

    fair comment fluffybut, it must be really hard for you to keep up i couldnt do it 🙂

  5. Restless River Seeks Open Sea said,

    Think I understand how that feels, that is a fair request, smiles…

  6. ged said,

    Count me in or count me out,I promise I won’t shout or brag or powt or stand proud as a stag…but it would be nice to have you as a friend because you already are one!

  7. Euqram said,

    the way I do it works for me, I invite who I think may be interesting and accept almost all and then wait 2 , 3 4 weeks to see what they do with me…Then it comes time to Delete, delete delete…I know this may sound harsh, but it is not…This way I weed out those that in it for the numbers and the real peope that enjoy me as much as I enjoy them…So like to just read and have NO comments, that is fine,m but they need to let me know this so I know their there and looking …

  8. *Walmie* said,

    You should love me coz im a Pom and your a convict ops Aussie LOL take care hope you had a great Birthday.

  9. Curtis said,

    reading 220 blogs a day would be major work, trying to keep mine small, wouldn’t have enough time in the day to answer or respond to that many good luck lol

  10. Anonymous said,

    Hey all I care about is that I stay on the 300….did you say 300 dang girl how do you keep up?? LOL Have a great day!

  11. galews said,

    I feel fortunate to be your friend, and love reading your entries. I hope I get to stay on the list. Thanks for a wonderful page

  12. Anonymous said,

    Well dear I don’t often post to much about myself.It seems the lurkers and knuckle draggers can and do have fun with our thoughts.But I like your blogs style and I am tryin to learn the artistry behind a good blog.But it comes very slow for me.I am basically self taught and need lotsa direction.I enjoy reading blogs with style and substance something yours has in buckets.So ty and hopefully I can improve mine by reading yours.T y again…

  13. Anonymous said,

    Hi, hope we can remain friends, but if not I do understand. We are only like 4000 miles apart. lol Have a great day.


  14. Traveler said,

    It’s an honor to be on your friends list! I’m richer for it.

  15. Anonymous said,

    Remember this is not a game and Ms fluffy is not a prize.

  16. Anonymous said,

    with me, the page isn’t blank but the mind is!

  17. Anonymous said,

    Keeping in touch when you have so many friends can be very draining. I admire your stamina at accepting 300. I don’t feel slighted if I don’t get a daily interaction. It makes the sharing all the more special when it’s sincere. Thanks for being a good friend.

  18. Truculent Trencherman™ said,

    The person who came up with the phrase that one can never have enough friends did not anticpate the world of 360…the limit of 300 friends is very very high. It is a wonder that you can keep up with all of the ones you do have.

  19. Anonymous said,

    hehe i didnt realize my friends request came on the tail end of so many. dang it. now i just look like a follower. i saw your page on a friends and came and looked at it. i liked your style and sense of humor.

  20. Bellemai said,

    Whoa, 300? 300? Dang. I’m thinking I’ll have to prune because mine is over 50 and I don’t have time during the day to keep up with it. Thanks for leaving me on the list; hope I can keep it interesting enough, I do admire you a lot for your courage and hard work!

  21. Anonymous said,

    The price of popularity.
    Comment #21 today. LOL

  22. Relapsing said,

    1) You have a kind face
    2) You have a well designed page
    3) Lots of people have already “be-friended” you
    4) Australians are really hot right now
    5) I am sorely deficient in the friend department
    6) I don’t want to laugh at my blogs by myself

    Those are my main reasons for “be-friending” you. I don’t want to waste your time, but I hope you will check in on me every now and again. I’m new to this but I like it I think.

  23. Anonymous said,

    yet another great example of irony concerning the world wide web: a medium with which to communicate with the entire planet, but at the “end of the day” (my favorite trite expression) we’re back to shooting rubber bands inside the walls of our skulls. Nothing personal to you, just a statement on life in these times. I understand your situation, there’s only so much time in a day to do things.

  24. seanymph said,

    Im fairly new to this but Ive been reading alot of blogs lately just to see whats going on out there. I too get invites from some with no info. I deny them and tell them no info sorry Im not interested. I put a post on my blog too about all this. I am seeking new friends and I cant get to know you without info your on yours. But truly I hope others out there do not think that we MUST post daily and we MUST comment daily on others blogs, that simply would be way too much for anyone. So I put a message on that same blog posting of mine that while I appreciate comments I dont expect them so dont feel obligated, I understand. We all have other lives besides here, if some cannot understand that Id delete them anyway.

  25. Anonymous said,

    Dis is all a bad dream dat Yahoo progamers have been secretly causing youz to have during your waking moments.

  26. Anonymous said,

    What do you mean? You don’t have time to visit 200+ sites on a regular basis? Hrrumph…
    Just kidding, popular lady!

  27. Anonymous said,

    Very sweetly put. Good job!

  28. Bart said,

    Hi Fluffybutt,I saw you on Bellemai’s page, shes the best !. I understand your frustration, I don’t have a huge collection of friends on my page and I recently deleted a bunch of people not because of anything personal with them but just because I had a few on there that either I never heard from when I had posted several comments or I just realized that some I did not have anything in common with for whatever reason. Like most people I have a real life and a lot of things going on so I just post whatever pops in my head sometimes serious sometimes just dumb stuff,I just take my time and add people who I think I might enjoy talking to. Also I think sometimes on here you can end up with such a huge collection of friends that you really don’t have time for everyone. I like your page, stop by mine and check it out and send me an invite if you’d like to add me. thanks, Bart

  29. Anonymous said,

    Smile You have a great weekend, and may the sun shine in your face and the favonian wind blow at your back . Well said Fluffy,I like you telling it up front. I to found you on the interesting page. And I am glad I did. I enjoy your comments.

  30. Anonymous said,

    I think you have so many new friends because of your name and because you are damn cool to have as a blog buddy, but then I may be predjudice here!

  31. joseph said,

    I am glad I snuck in under the wire! But I will give you my reason why I wanted you as a friend….you seem alive and your page oozes and spews friendliness :{

  32. LWF said,

    Your blog showed up on my home page… You certainly are full of yourself..

  33. Nytfallen said,

    Fair enough fluffy…. Should be easy for a person to explain why they want to be your friend if they really want to. being limited to any number of friends gets to be rough when you get close to the number you are limited to i guess lmao.

  34. Anonymous said,

    I have no idea how it feels to have over 20 friends much less 300, so good for you if you can manage 300 people. I like to keep my list down to a small interesting few.

  35. 'Willerby' said,

    You should think yourself lucky. The geek that runs my blog won’t allow me to have friends, with one very very special exception. He says nobody likes a caravan, particularly a smart arse one.

    Having read of your troubles maybe it ain’t such a bad idea. I am way too busy to go visiting blogs of people (or cats?) I don’t know. Umm. except… er… this one and er… maybe a few others. Oh heck! Who am I kidding?

  36. ashes said,

    I visit one friend a day.. if I am lucky.. I can’t imagine having 300.. good luck.. and I do hope you find wonderful friends that stick with ya after all is said and done.. xoxo

  37. Frank C said,

    I relate to your issue because my growth is happening too. I tend to say yes to most even those silent faceless ones. To me it isn’t really about making friends but that I’m sharing something that seems to be connecting with others. I know where I’ve come from and what I share is about what I’ve learned to get to where I am now. It is possible that it is those silent faceless people are the one’s that might benefit most. I guess when I get to 300 I’ll have to find some solution in order to keep believing I’m helping those requesting connection. Thanks for sharing this though let’s me know I’m not alone on resolving concerns about numbers.

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