Your Mission Should You Choose to Accept It….

January 3, 2007 at 2:47 am (Uncategorized)


As I posted previously, tomorrow Thursday, my time (Austraila) it will be my birthday. I will be a big ol 44.

I thought it might be fun if my 360 friends could play a little ryhming birthday game with me.

So I will start you off with an example…

Forty-four….out the door.

Your turn. Put your ryhme in the comments below.


Love Me xxxx


P.S. No I don\’t have legs like that in real life so guys, stop it okay. If you would like to see the original of the picture above click here.



  1. Anonymous said,

    44! And many more!

    Happy Birthday!

  2. Anonymous said,

    44 and back for more!

  3. Anonymous said,

    44 and sweet to the core.

    Ok, I know it’s cheesy, it just came to me…

    Happy Birthday none the less…

  4. Anonymous said,

    Well done so far! Keep ’em coming!

  5. Curtis said,

    44 oh baby wanting more

  6. Bowzer said,

    Forty-four, out the door,
    And yet, it cannot be!
    For this lady, we’re very sure,
    Looks no more than thirty-tree.
    Her fluffy hair makes our hearts fluttery,
    Her butt (not fluffy!) makes our senses buttery –
    yet, before I went any further with my flattery,
    A sudden thought struck me:

    This two-footed cat in a time machine,
    Should rub her hands with glee,
    For when she’s an 80-year-old Octopussy,
    She’ll look no more than fifty-three!



  7. Mac said,

    Forty-four and no more of life’s painful sores 🙂

  8. Anonymous said,

    ((Bowser that was awesome!!))

    (Forty Four – out the door)
    To the shores of her youth.
    To romp and play and sing all day
    Like once she used to do.

    Forty four and out the door.
    Watch out world she’s secure.
    No more is she now a little girl
    quiet and demure.
    Lost no more to internal battle.
    Of looking for her Prince to save her.
    Now she goes out on the prowl needing and wanting his saber.

    Ok so it sucked but, ya have to admit, it’s funny. Happy Birthday Fluffy!!!

  9. Anonymous said,

    44 and i would like know you more and more
    happy birthday

  10. Traveler said,

    I’ll always cherish that night we made love on the floor, as I remember, you were only forty-four.

  11. *Walmie* said,

    44 opens all doors to life

    have a great birthday
    Love steve xxx

  12. Anonymous said,

    It’s not a chore to turn 44,
    at that age you can still adore,
    so don’t let your chin hit the floor,
    cause for you life is no bore,
    sex is greater and that is no lore,
    you never know what life has in store,
    maybe a God just like Thor,
    will come walking right through your door,
    if he’s lucky he will score,
    yes I’m rotten to the core,
    but it was you who started this war,
    you never know what I have in store,
    before this is through this rhyme will be wore,
    and I have been such a word whore,
    it’s hard to find many more,
    but I feel I must finish yes I am torn,
    but don’t you feel like you’ve been scorned,
    and get to feeling oh so forlorned,
    I hear you yes beginning to snore,
    I guess it’s because you’re turning 44.

  13. Anonymous said,

    if you believe the lore,
    opens many a new door,
    along with new pains to abhor!

  14. rwr69 said,

    44, a child no more,
    A beautiful woman evermore.

  15. Radd M said,

    44 ,
    And more to come,and as they come wise’er you become.

  16. Bellemai said,

    Forty-four – take the floor!

    (You’re obviously a star!!!)

    And tell Bowser we’re all in awe! Great job!

  17. Anonymous said,

    44 and still hot I’m sure!

  18. So Long said,

    44 and out the door
    May you find that which you seek
    Hopefully toward something more
    All you need is a peek
    Happiness to the core.
    A birthday is just a day
    Another year older, wiser and true
    A drop of rain and sunshine ray
    As long as you don’t feel blue.

    You will always get older
    as long as you never grow up.

    Happy BDay Girl

  19. Anonymous said,

    So you’re 44,
    But never a bore!
    Your writing we adore
    So keep giving us more!

  20. Anonymous said,

    44 and out the door
    you know we love you more and more !

  21. Anonymous said,

    sending wishes
    so delicious
    and many kisses
    to the princess
    of the birthday ball
    now go running down the hall!
    Saying It’s my Party
    Don’t be tardy.
    I do want you here
    so come in and get a beer!

    Have a beautiful day love & peace

  22. joseph said,

    44 out the door/ will I ever be adored!

  23. Anonymous said,


  24. vegasvixen said,

    44, not like 24 -but better than64-….. need I say more? Well at 44 your better than you were at 24 ’cause youve learned more… more about life… more about love and more about what you shouldnt have done before at 24 – 44 its better than 64 ’cause your….well not 64! LOL! Happy Birthday and may your 44th be your best yet!
    I hope you like my poem

  25. Anonymous said,

    fourty-four….is that a sexual position? that was funny dont care who you are

  26. Anonymous said,

    On my side i had my ol trusty fourty-four
    When I pushed open the bedroom door
    there she was waiting for the wine to pour
    I pushed the pillow to the floor
    and then said, “come and join me on the floor”
    we dont need a bed there is more room on the floor
    Come roll on the floor with me and I will put pistol aside and then I will show you what my gun is FOR…..

  27. Kevin Dougherty said,

    44 out the door, keep coming back for more, so even and true , such a sweet number , easily divisible by 2 and 4, age we can see is just a number in a tree. we feel as young as we are.

  28. nobody said,

    I have no rhyming skills, and all the good words were taken…but Happy Birthday anyway!!!

  29. Anonymous said,

    44 but who’s keeping score? 44 and so much more to explore! 44 aint such a bore. LOL Had enough yet??? HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  30. Anonymous said,

    To the friend I adore
    As she turns forty four
    Panty hose might become a chore
    yet you are as sexy as before
    But you’ll never be a bore
    Friends will always be at the door
    You won’t be blue like Eeyore
    Nothing but good times and…..more
    And the wine will always pour
    And the parties rock and roar
    Rave reviews for clothes you wore
    And lots of love be yours
    All the days of your forty fours

    Alrighty, so me poetry sucks but the wishes for the best of all days are sincere
    And the adore part is sincere too. Have a good one beautiful! Luv ya!

  31. Anonymous said,

    So your 44…I’m no poet, but here’s one lore
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY and many more!!

  32. Anonymous said,

    44 and still top drawer.

  33. Anonymous said,

    Happy Birthday!

  34. Anonymous said,

    44 and……aw heck, after bower’s, mine is pitiful…
    So just have a great birthday. And who says your legs don’t look like that?

  35. Anonymous said,

    44-who’s knockin’ at the door
    is a friend…or maybe..more
    44 i left a flower in your door
    to the spring they will be more

  36. Anonymous said,

    i know a lady called fluffy,
    who has just turned 44,
    i wish her a happy birthday,
    and hope there are many more.

    Love and best wishes to you dear fluffy. Deb.

  37. StingRay said,

    You’re 44?
    Let’s hear you roar!

  38. Stan said,


    Just passing through to wish you a Happy Birthday as the day draws to a close.

    You are Forty Four, and on the floor
    I am Fifty Seven, you’ll think you are in Heaven
    With your Gun, pointing at my Fun
    Why so Haughty? You Naughty Forty Four.

  39. William J said,

    lmao, pretty nifty – fluffybutt is fourty four

  40. Anonymous said,

    Why can I only think of mean and dirty words that rhyme with forty-four? Holy faulty wiring in brain…
    I won’t post those, but happy birthday!

  41. Nytfallen said,

    Happy birthday fluffy..!!!

  42. Anonymous said,

    lol.. im sorry, i just got off work, so rhyming is not in my time frame.. but hey, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

  43. The Devil's Advocate said,

    44 again? We’ve seen this before!
    LOL, sorry!

  44. galews said,

    44? Hey whos keeping score?
    It’s just another go around ol’ sol
    Here’s to many more!

  45. Anonymous said,

    never try to out stage a woman with a ak47 for shure.

  46. Anonymous said,


  47. ♥♥♥ r o s e said,

    44 out the door
    oh i am late
    so sorry…
    but… dont care about
    it will come
    and you will still enjoy your life
    so dont care about
    it will come
    and i hope friendship with you still stay
    so dont care about
    you will get more and more..
    wish you great birthday

  48. cumming Iowa City New said,

    44 out the door minus 4 makes you40 minus 10 makes you 30 are you shure your 44 you has the looks of 24 can’t wait to see you at 64 going on 30 see ya

  49. Anonymous said,


  50. Anonymous said,

    please allow me to wish you very happy birthday and never say
    that you are 44 just the age is in the heart believe me many people is never look old like how is them age look in my pic.her i am 53 years old and no body believe me

  51. Anonymous said,

    well happy birthday from miami beach. and many more.

  52. Anonymous said,

    37 wish life was heaven

  53. Anonymous said,

    Hope you had a wonderful birthday and weekend. Love someones sister

  54. Anonymous said,

    Oh, I loved you in ian flemmings octopussy, I remember now that I did read some of his books. Thanks for jogging my memory. Truley I forgot about it. See what happens when you get my age.

  55. Anonymous said,

    44 and were watching you soar, growing day by day with all your friends. I love your mind its out of site. The things you come up with just blow my mind. I’m not sure how you pull all this out of your brain and put it all on this beautiful page but, if your only 44 some people think their life is half over when i know that it all is about to begin, we all are waiting for you to fly off with your dreams and be someone thats not only just on this page.

  56. Anonymous said,

    44 what a score!

    I can’t take credit for the following but I thought you might appreciate it.
    Three Gifts

    (Which will you choose?)

    Beautifully ornate this gift-wrapped right

    Ribbons and bows dancing in light

    Inside the box a treasure to toast

    In the end the fire will boast

    Second gift-wrapped in pretty paper sweet

    Taking your bows giving autographs in the street

    Fifteen minutes is all you will have

    It blisters the soul and through fire no salve

    The last one wrapped in newspaper plain

    Many have fought in wars and have slain

    If fills you will gladness and joy can elate

    Through the fire always its luster does remain

    You see in the first box is a gift called gold

    Many fight hard for the fortunes to fold

    Second is Fame and it guilds the heart blind

    Once you are a has been the world can be unkind

    The last gift is love wrapped plain often not to choose

    Because it is wrapped so plainly, most to the world will lose

    For through the fire gold with melt

    A wicked hand the dealer dealt

    Fame wont burn bright forever more

    The bright lights of fire will burn for sure

    Love though my friend can withstand great heat

    It stands through the fire with open arms to greet

    In the end when all is said and complete

    You have many choices when to the shelf you go to greet

    These three gifts waiting for you to pick—do wise

    For the world has many versions and often will disguise

    To hide the greatest fortune plainly wrapped in view

    It’s up to you to decide, without a clouded hue

    Love will come and find you in the simplest of ways you see

    My hope is you will open up and release your wings be free

    Soar high with all its rewards

    The give and take be tough

    In the end you will see no matter how hard it was—rough

    That through the fire always true

    This love to give, lives in you

    So when you see these three gifts there

    Do not allow them to hypnotize you with glamorous flair

    Take the one that is plain in sight

    For judging, a gift by its paper is just not right

    For what you will lose, is the greatest gift—light

    © DM Gracie Matter 2007

  57. loving_elvis_52 said,

    43 you isn’t no more,cause now you’s hit the double 4 ( 44 )
    Elvis B’day Hugs Fluffy.44 & many many more my friend.
    Larry aka Hunka Hunka Burnin Love

  58. mork said,

    fourty four and out the door,just to love life even you have grown, the years have learn to enjoy every moment and make it last.happy birthday

  59. Anonymous said,

    happy birthday from this old man 75 in parma o

  60. JD said,

    44 pussy galore

  61. Anonymous said,

    Hahaha…a lot of people loves this 44-year old. 44-adorable.

  62. 75/Stingray said,

    (Vegas wrote this, I loved it so?)…So your 44,not like 24-but better than 64…need we say more! Well at 44 your better than you were at 24 ‘Cause you’ve learned more…about life…more about love and more about what you have /and should not have done at 24, 44 it’s better than 64,” cause your not 64! lol: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! Wish you more.!!!! May all your BIRTHDAY’S BE BRIGHT! That night! P.S. I’m 57 maybe, I will go to Haven!???? Love Sport64!

  63. Anonymous said,

    That was fun! Happy Birthday!

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