My First Poem for 2007…

January 1, 2007 at 2:59 am (Poetry) ()


See this little girl,

What is in her eyes?

Innocence, happiness, love and surprise

See this little girl,

What is on her face?

Sunshine, smiles, freckles and grace

See this little girl,

What is in her mind?

Kittens, twinkle stars, and nothing unkind

But this is just a moment captured in time

Never to be repeated, childhood sublime.

She doesn’t know, what the future will bring

And how life can change from winter to spring

She will learn as she grows and as time goes by

That life has its ups and downs, hellos and goodbyes

Experience will shape her into the person she will become

And she will walk, as she wants to the beat of her own drum

But who’ll be there to dry her tears when she’s all-alone

After everyone has gone away to places unknown

You don’t have to worry though she will be all right

She will not give up even though life’s a fight

A fight to stay strong, happy, healthy and free

A fight to be the person she really wants to be

And in the end to find a love that doesn’t want to roam

A love that makes her feel, with him, she is home





Love Me xxxxx



  1. Anonymous said,


  2. ♥♥♥ r o s e said,

    you write so sweet… you write your thoughts… thank you for sharing….

  3. MERMAID said,

    wow. its a gr8 writing. go on.

  4. Anonymous said,

    What a beautiful u this is. I love your poem. You are a talented person. I hope u put this with the rest of your stuff. One day soon I will see it in a book.

  5. Nigel B said,

    Hey that’s so sweet and all about you. Happy New Year 2007 and may all your wishes come true.

  6. Traveler said,

    Excellent! That restores an old man’s hope for yet another year.

  7. Restless River Seeks Open Sea said,

    It gives me a glimpse of who you are…awesome…!

  8. George said,

    Great poem. Good thoughts for 2007

  9. Anonymous said,

    nicely done, excellent way to start off the new year, thank you!

  10. Curtis said,

    ashame she has to grow up lol

  11. So Long said,

    What a wonderful, thought-filled musing. Thank you for the uplifting offering. Have a happy New Year, and stay safe.

  12. Anonymous said,

    Thank you for sharing that… it’s really beautiful.

    Like you. 🙂

    Happy New Year.

  13. Bellemai said,

    That’s a wonderful poem, dear Fluff; we are privileged to see it, and the adorable child that goes with it. Thank you!

  14. Rick B said,

    Very nice poem, thank you for letting the world see it. Hope u see that love soon. Happy New years 2 U and family.

    Thanks for being normal

  15. Anonymous said,

    lovely poem, you havent changed a bit either still look the same.

  16. Mac said,

    Definitely a realistic view of life and a good poem too, Fluffy.

    *warm hugs*

    From Mac

  17. Anonymous said,

    that is touching my soul .very nice.

  18. Kayzzee said,

    That’s a truly beautiful poem. 🙂

  19. Anonymous said,

    Wonderful. You captured so much goodness and innocence, all that we hope for in our children. Thanks for posting it!

  20. vickie_bowie said,

    That little girl will always be in you, in your center…full of wonder and love. Connect with her often, she is beautiful and made me smile today. Thank you for sharing.

  21. Anonymous said,

    Happy New Year!!!! Your First Poem for 2007 is beautiful. Thank you. 🙂

  22. Anonymous said,

    Awesome! After enjoying your verse, I decided to learn to compose some 😉 Meaningful verse! Thank you! and Happy New Year!

  23. Anonymous said,

    That was awesome and sweet….hey just like you! LOL

  24. Anonymous said,

    Thank you for sharing, what a beautiful poem. I wish I had talent like yours 😉
    Many blessings for this year

  25. Nytfallen said,

    Nice poem fluffy..! i’m glad i looked in on your blog today.

  26. Anonymous said,


  27. Anonymous said,

    Here I am again way down here. OK, you found me. Would I be incorrect if I guessed that the picture is of you?
    It’s a sparkling poem. And I see you all over it.
    Hope your new year has started off great.
    From you #1 fan…BP

  28. kittman101 said,

    your writing has such passion within, like from the start to the end, when your words come through, its like i feel the real you, such insight inside your words, a true art form thats never absurd. but something special, which catched and eye, perhaps a close friend, or perhaps a lucky guy who has been given such a gift, from your words a cloud does lift into the night sky on into the morn, where another angel…which is you, has been reborn into this new year like a phoenix which gave rise from those past ashes into what a suprize something magical.

    just someone who writes what he feels.
    take care stay safe

    there is more i want to say but the stars has not translated the words for me 🙂

  29. Bowzer said,

    Well, I really, really liked that! And is that a photo of a very young FluffyButt at the top? It’s a very sweet little girl, whoever she was. I do hope she comes ‘home’. And I feel sure she will.

  30. Anonymous said,

    Well Fluff it would seem any platitudes I had for your work are already taken by so many others that share in my opinion. Great work my good woman, keep it up!

  31. truc n said,

    It’s lovely
    for Fluffy
    when over forty
    And it’s for me
    Thanks my Honey

  32. Anonymous said,

    This is a beautiful poem, so I just had to leave a comment!

  33. Anonymous said,

    Ahh words that float from the heart…words and feelings that
    lighten my winter day. Be blessed dear.

  34. Anonymous said,

    dang fluff that brought tears to my eyes

  35. Anonymous said,

    Thank you. Yes, thank you – for your wonderfully written words. It seemed as if you wanted us to look upon her sweet, pure beauty, read the sweet, pure words of your childhood past, and remember our own youth.If so, your efforts were successful.
    Yahoo has chosen well in placing your BLOG as one of interest.

  36. Anonymous said,

    I loved this poem….I felt a pang of bittersweet as I was reading it that she should have to lose the innocence but was very elated to read the ending….just beautiful….Happy Birthday, Happy New Year and Happy New Adventure as a featured 360 page. *~*Stef*~*

  37. TimeLord said,

    This is a beautiful piece. I trully enjoyed reading it. You pretty much summed up how it feels to grow up. Keep up the good work!

  38. pks said,

    very lovely poem expressing views

  39. Dream Weaver, VT said,

    Hey my lady friend
    it’s really no surprise
    I want to hole you
    close to me
    first to kiss your eyes
    and if by chance
    we feel inside
    we’re loosing self-control
    we’ll ask if we might free ourselves
    to touch the heart and soul

  40. Dream Weaver, VT said,

    “hole” should have been typed

    I bet you all figured that out without my post though.

    May Peace Prevail On Earth

  41. [deleted] said,

    BRAVO BRAVO!! I LOVE it! So beautiful! Sends me back to my childhood. That pic MUST be you … she’s got your eyes and smile, so I’m guessing it is. (((HUG)))

  42. Jerre G said,

    Self expression is so wonderful.. and I have found writing poetry is also very healing to ones spirit.. excellent poem and enjoyed it so much.. thanks for sharing! many blessings

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