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December 28, 2006 at 11:18 pm (Uncategorized)


Hi Everyone,


Firstly, I must say a big thank you to the pussycats who did such a wonderful job writing my blog over the last few days and they are so happy that you all liked it so much. Maybe you will hear their adventures again in the near future.

Secondly, I must say a big hello to all my new friends. There are some real stunners among them \”mwah\” to you.

Thirdly, I must say a bigger hello and I love you to all my older friends who I feel I have neglected a bit and I am so sorry but I have been so busy with all my emails over the last two weeks or so, since Yahoo put me on their interesting pages.

Anyway I had a very lovely xmas with friends and neighbours, as most of you know I don\’t really have any family left to speak of or that\’s speaking to me I should say. So needless to say I didn\’t hear from them over xmas and I didn\’t expect to either.

We are all feeling another year slipping away, and being a January baby I am about to suffer another birthday so am probably feeling it more right now.

In fact in less than a week, next thursday on the 4th of January I will be 44. OMG, I hear you say 44? Yes I say 44.

And this is probably one of the reasons New Year doesn\’t really do it for me, because of my birthday being 4 days later, everyone is always partied out or on holiday, so I rarely am able to have a real celebration on my birthday (damn New Year).

Anyway who really wants to celebrate 44? I am not so sure I do. Men my age are already trading women like me in for newer sleeker models. So how do I compete with that? Truth is I don\’t even try to compete with that. If men don\’t like me for who I am then they can go jump for all I care.

Roll on 44. Can\’t hold it back now!


Love Me xxxxx

P.S. Here is a poem I wrote a while ago and I would like all my new friends to read it for the New Year… At the End of the Day…



  1. Anonymous said,

    love ya, honey-vixen…!

  2. Mac said,

    Hi Fluffy, even though I haven’t known you that long and your birthday is next week, I don’t see you as a used model. In fact, to me you’re a newer sleek model with plenty to offer. But that’s just my opinion 🙂

  3. Anonymous said,

    Hi fluff let me get the gist of your blog, your trading in an OMG 4×4 for a new model that can tak jumps good, would like to up grade to a sleeker model… attract more pussy…real stunners….what about us old fart, just because we blow smoke.. hot air out the back pipes we are neglected…there al lot a things i can;t hold back 🙂

  4. Anonymous said,

    Well Happy Birthday in advance! 44 hhhmmmm that is amazing I would have guessed you in your mid thirties! Yes getting older is a blessing because we all know we do it and it beats the other option all to heck!

  5. Anonymous said,

    Well Fluffy, Happy Birthday. I wanted to say that now just in case life gets away from me and I forget later.

    As far as the men trading us ole gals in…if they define a good relationship in terms of immaturity and ignorance, they can have it eh? Interestingly enough, the boys of this generation seem to be far more attracted to older women which of course would put us in the same fix although I believe most women would be smart enough to keep a boy toy as a ‘toy’ rather than to marry one. LOL No worries love you’re beautiful and don’t look a day over 35. Enjoy!

  6. Anonymous said,

    Great poem! Great attitude about growing another year older, personally, I gave up hope after twenty five.

  7. Truculent Trencherman™ said,

    44 is not so bad…I have been enjoying 44 for a whole 3 months now. You learn to laugh at the need for reading glasses and good arch supports…
    and I would never trade in for a younger model. Younger models can not relate to me and they never get any of my stories about growing up in the 60’s and 70’s. What I can do…for all the women, friends and family, in my to convieniently forget their ages and subtract a few years in the process…So Happy 34th Birthday!

  8. Anonymous said,

    A farmer once sold his farm to go in search of diamonds. He spent every penny he had in his search and found nothing, dying penniless. After his death the new owner of his old farm discovered diamonds lying in the field that the old farmer used to plough every year.
    One’s search for wealth, fame and beauty would be utterly wasted by trading you in for anything less than you. You are the treasure.
    Happy Birthday E.

  9. Curtis said,

    well 44 don’t sound bad lol, be 56 in feb. I tell everyone I’m like an old car, still runs but no one wants to drive lol, wouldn’t have to worry about me trading you in lol you is pretty

  10. Anonymous said,

    Dang, Girlfriend, you look mah-velous! I’d have never guessed you to be turning 44! I’m way ahead of you so don’t feel bad. If the guys want younger, let them have them, the ones that comes along and appreciates us as we are, they’re the keepers! 🙂
    Have a wonderful new year!

  11. ♥♥♥ r o s e said,

    you look great… what about 44….. dont care… im getting 50 next year.. and i dont care about…. so what…. and about men… you say the right word…. look at them.. how many men in the age of 44 look so great like you?… hmmmm.. and sure i am curios about your bloggings in 2007 whats going on with your cats with you.. you give us sunshine, a little bit sunshine to make us happy when day are grey…. you and your bloggings make as happy… thank you… fluffy….

  12. Anonymous said,

    I hit the big 40 this year, Fluffy…hitting 44 must be better then hitting 40! You have had 4 years to get used to not being in your 30’s anymore!!!!!

  13. Bellemai said,

    Woah, I should have looked that good at 44! One warning: watch out for younger guys – lol – I was 44 when I met my husband; he was 33. Too much difference there. He’s a sweet guy, but… Oh, and anyone who trades in someone like you for a newer model needs their head examined, and deserves what they end up with: dumb chick who looks good but can’t talk without saying stupid catch phrases and ‘like, I was so…’ or ‘and I’m like wow, and she’s like oh yeah wow’ for an hour! You’re beautiful, and you should hold out for someone who’ll treat you like the queen you are!

  14. Anonymous said,

    what a great number combination..turning to 44 is still matter what we don’t know somebody will catch you up…i mean get interested…oh i like it…you’re still beautiful…happy new year and have a great great birthday to come…hug and kisses from the philippines. have time why not take a tour over here…Banaue rice terraces is nice place ever…you’re welcome to stay with us..

  15. seanymph said,

    I turned 54 this yr and I have a boytoy, well ok hes 46 but hey hes younger than me! Ive had more fun now that Im older so dont give up…………..the best is yet to come!

  16. Anonymous said,

    Hey, you are certainly not alone with a birthday in January. I celebrate my 41st orbit around the sun this coming Tuesday, Jan 2nd. Most people celebrate this day by either being hung over from Jan 1 or back to school or work. Thank goodness I try and take the day off at least.
    Believe me, if guys are not running up to ask you to dance with them, well, they must be fools. Guys like me are out there looking for maturity, not psychosis of the young. Just ask my girl, lol. Take care and best wishes for lots of fun for you in 2007! HAM 🙂

  17. Anonymous said,

    GO GET EM GIRL!!!!!! and may the following year be one of great joy and kindness and warmth.

  18. Anonymous said,

    nothing wrong with 44, happy birthday in advance fluffy i hope the day brings you some joy even though you are going to be sooooooooo old please tie a string around your finger to remind yourself to get out of bed. LOL!! 44 years young i say, anyway have a happy one.

  19. Anonymous said,’s..just a# com’n..this is areal fun age let lose and have it all you look humm..humma.babe

  20. Anonymous said,

    more men need to understand that women are like fine wine…they just keep getting better with age. Best wishes to you for 07 and happy 44th!

  21. Fut said,

    the ones that “trade ladies in for oyunger sleeker models” are not men. they are very old boys in men body’s. Men understand the value of loyalty, love, and timely devotion. Anyhow, you look nowhere close to 44(( I thought you were closer to my age)) so don’t let the naysayers bug ya… whatever you’re doing, its preserving ya well.

  22. Anonymous said,

    Hi and Happy Birthday, as one who just turned 46 recently, I can say it is great. Older is not bad. It is truely a state of mind. BTW, if you were mine there would be no trading in. You look great.

  23. Anonymous said,

    Happy Birthday “Fluffy”,
    (Love that!)
    Enjoyed browsing your blog this morning. Lovely poetry!

  24. papasensei said,

    I’ll be knocking at you door to see you more so we can explore more of each other. Happy Birthday and may you have many more, You are line fine wine you get better every time.

  25. Bart said,

    Hi FB, I just read this one for a minute before I run out the door for work, I will put some thought into it and post my take on it a little later. Have a nice day down under.


  26. Bart said,

    Ok I’m back, I read your blog again FB, I know we just met and I of course don’t know you personally so all I can go from is what you post on here and your pictures, obviously you are single for whatever reason, I’m 45 and I recently got divorced after 22 years, A lot of people think that single guys in their 40’s just want a 25 year old honey and not someone their own age, myself I have a daughter who is 23 and I couldn’t see going out with someone young enough to be one of her friends, theres a lot to be said for a women in her 40’s, just from your pictures I would say that you look like a very happy person who a decent guy would love to be with. Ok see ya !


  27. Anonymous said,

    I was thinking you were in your 20’s nice picture

  28. I'm Leaving 360 said,

    And looking even better now….. Not even close to a trade in…lotta life left! (wink)

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