Harvey has his say…

December 28, 2006 at 2:14 am (Cats) ()


Hi I am Harvey and I live two doors up from Fluffybutt and Truffles.

They are funny girls. They think I am interested in them. Ha.

Yes, I flirt with them but I am not flirting with them cause I want a girlfriend. Hell No! Why would I want a girlfriend. I am free and I will stay that way thanks.

I like to run around the neighbourhood and visit everyone that won\’t chase me away.

Once I have ingratiated myself… then I get what I want. Cat Nuts!!!!!

I am sooo addicted to cat nuts… you know those crunchy little things our slaves put out in bowls for us.

I need my fix of cat nuts cause my slaves just don\’t give me anywhere near enough.

Occassionally I will bring in a dead rat in hope that they realize they aren\’t feeding me as many cat nuts as I want… but they just don\’t get it!!

Everyone thinks I am a bit of a juvenile delinquent, but they just can\’t resist me cause I am so good looking.

So I suck up to the girls, just so I can get into their houses and eat their cat nuts.

Bye now, I have some bush turkeys to chase.




  1. Bellemai said,

    Handsome handsome Harvey! I sure would give you all the cat nuts you could eat, you big handsome chunk!

  2. Curtis said,

    males always have a motive lol

  3. Anonymous said,

    Harvey, you’re my hero!

  4. MykelO said,

    You seem to live in cat heaven!

    Any interesting humans about? 😉

  5. Truculent Trencherman™ said,

    What a life! Of course kaito spends his days sleeping under teh covers conserving his energy for his daily attack of cat crazys when I get home each night.

  6. The Original Lady In Red said,

    Oh!..a soap opera..I love soap operas!!….tune in for the next segment of….. AS THE CAT SPINS..starring Harvey, Truffles, and Fluffbutt..he he.

  7. Traveler said,

    Harvey, you should be ashamed of yourself playing with the girl’s hearts like that. You remind me of the guy in the movie “Alfie”, just after his own pleasure, breaking hearts. Shame on you Harvey! The theme song from the movie asks, “What’s it all about, Alfie[Harvey]is it just for the moment we live?” Is that you Harvey, just living for the moment, the next handout of cat nuts?

  8. ♥♥♥ r o s e said,

    Harvey is a man, even he is only a cat.. but … how are men? All men are playing with women hearts, why he should do different?…

  9. Fanta said,

    You’ve done it again, Fluffy! LOL.

  10. Anonymous said,

    you had me laughing on fluffybutt is it like fluffy back

  11. Anonymous said,

    Like your cat blogs…ummm, what exactly are “cat nuts”?????

  12. Anonymous said,

    hey Harvey, you have a twin, my daughters cat is called Harvey and looks juts like you 🙂

  13. Anonymous said,

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  14. [deleted] said,

    LOL. Harvey is indeed very good looking and apparantly very charming too. LOL

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