Fluffybutt Wanted Everyone to Know…

December 24, 2006 at 5:20 pm (Cats) ()


I am really amazed that my name is known all over the world!

I like the fact that everyone thinks my name is so funny.

I really do have a very fluffy butt.

But my mother (the lady with the black hair) does not have a fluffy butt. Unless she decides to get around in furry pants. haha (yeah that\’s a cat joke)

I don\’t like my step sister Truffles. She is a little trouble maker and sometimes I think mum loves her more than me cause she is just too darn cute.

But I am a beautiful princess.

Last night I had special sardines for Xmas Eve dinner. And maybe today I might get another special treat cause I really love my food.

When mum eats anything I have to have some just to try it, I especially like ice cream, yoghurt, corn chips, rice crackers, muffins and vanilla chupachups. But mum won\’t let me have these treats often because she wants me to have a nice figure.

Not that there is really any point in that. I am fixed and old, and its not like there are any cute boy cats around here, except for Harvey the white oriental and he just annoys the hell out of me, with his boyish charm and the cute way he rolls around on the ground and tries to suck up to me. Yeah I know his game, be all lovey dovey and then bite me. Well, I just will bite him first. Haha.

And what the hell is up with those possums on the roof and those bush turkeys in the yard, don\’t they know I own this place. Geez bunch of freeloaders. I couldn\’t be bothered chasing them away though, cause they will just come back anyway.

I think I will go and lie in the sun now, cause I am very sleepy. Then I might get up and chase those things that mum can\’t see for a while.

I hope that everyone has happy holidays and especially looks after their fur family over xmas and please don\’t abandon those little animals that you get for xmas, they need love too.

Anyway, bye for now.

Fluffybutt (the real one)



  1. Bowzer said,

    *dog, in spirit of season, extends paw of friendship to cat* Listen, mate, if by any chance you and Harvey the white oriental find yourself under some mistletoe…I leave the rest to you…*wink*

  2. Bellemai said,

    lol – Fluffybutt reads Andy Capp? “I thought he was going to thump (bite) me so I thumped (bit) him back first”…old Andy Capp cartoon from way back! Love the beautiful Fluffybutt! You are sooooo gorgeous!

  3. *** said,

    How cute….don’t you just love cats….they have such amazing personalities….funny little creatures!!!

  4. teresa r said,

    aww what a cute blog. i loved reading it. pretty kitty, in the picture. you write such cool blogs. keep up the great work . i cant wait untill i read some more of them. take care my awesome friend teresa resheske

  5. Fanta said,

    That was very funny, Fluffy! I’m still laughing!

  6. The Original Lady In Red said,

    This was cute….lol..I have FIVE fluffybutts..and three of them are wild and won’t let you touch them…Their biological mum was wild too..lol…So cute..Loved it!!

  7. Anonymous said,

    I’m glad you clear that up. Lol. I feel better now. 🙂

  8. ::Rii:: said,

    Hei Fluffy…

    I came via Fanta’s. An excellent explantion on the unusual name all right!! Funny. Take care. Rii =)

  9. Anonymous said,

    I like it. My cat, Bob, can’t stop meowing about it all.

  10. Anonymous said,

    What a beautiful cat ! I wish I only had one or two cats but unfortunately, I have 23 of them…all rescues…! Great name too !

  11. ♥♥♥ r o s e said,

    amazing… fluffy you are great and you looks so beautiful, maybe your out of a royal family? hmmm… sardines and ice cream for desert… your are little gourmet arent you?
    i love cats a lot…. all kind…till the really great ones like lions and tigers and……
    wish you wonderful happy new year and maybe you will get some icecream than…
    and fluffy… i think you have a really really good mummy…

  12. Anonymous said,

    Hey fluffy ,you stay out of trouble now , and don’t sleep to long , you have a hard life, its a cots life! Sir William

  13. Anonymous said,

    LMAO..I posted my comment today even before reading your blog..but man..the name is funny!

  14. JD said,

    Hey Fluffybutt,you are a cool cat,I likka your style.
    My Cat gets sardines as a xmas treat,but this year she had to share with a stray cat,Poor cat is starving all skin & bone & can hardly walk,Lost or abandoned? slowly coming back to life,I call it GB as it likes to sit on my Honda GB TT motorbike.
    I attract black cats,I always have had one as long as I can remeber.
    Take care & keep up your Purrfect blog OXO

  15. Anonymous said,

    That’s really funny! (-:

  16. Anonymous said,

    h fluffy is so cutie pie…and thx god ,i found real fluffy.i thought ur mommy have fluffy butt ;D hahaha…
    wish u and ur family’s happy new yr! **Be blessed and keep butt MorE fluffy !!**

  17. Anonymous said,

    Love FluffyButt…lol… he looks like my boy…. a bit… but he does what Truffles does, knocks on the front door at all hours and if I am not there quick enough, he just about bashes the door down… of course I know my place in the house and I am his slave… so…..lol

  18. Anonymous said,

    I actually have a cat named Fluffybutt too. Thought She was the only one in the world 😀

  19. [deleted] said,

    I am such a cat lover and you are certainly a beautiful one. I hope you enjoyed chasing your invisible “toys”. 😛

  20. Anonymous said,

    this is a man takling I like to meet with her but my wife will not like it, fluffybutt she is one HOT mother if I was not sick I be on my way to her

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