I just read this in the news and had to ask…

December 23, 2006 at 6:40 pm (Uncategorized)


Why is there so much cruelty in the world?

Five penguins have been killed in a shocking attack near a Melbourne beach.

Researchers at the St Kilda bird colony say it\’s the most sickening attack they have seen.

The killers climbed security gates at the St Kilda breakwater on Wednesday night, News Limited newspapers said.

The dead birds suffered multiple stab wounds or had their necks wrung.

Monash University PhD student and colony researcher Tiana Preston, 26, discovered the dead birds on Thursday morning.

\”When I first got there I saw some blood spattered around,\” Ms Preston said.

\”It was quite disgusting. No-one who is normal could do this – they are such beautiful, amazing creatures.\”

A small knife was found with blood stains and feathers stuck on it.

Earthcare St Kilda penguin research group coordinator Zoe Hogg said it was the second attack on the penguins in a year.

Thugs had bashed two penguins to death, using rocks, about a year ago.

\”It was horrible – there were holes all over (the stabbed penguin),\” Ms Hogg said.

Parks Victoria spokesman Alex Holt said the attackers were determined to destroy the birds.

\”We are really upset about this because we have just put a new fence along the breakwater to stop this happening,\” he said.

About 1,200 small penguins live at the St Kilda breakwater.

The colony has been battling a food shortage this summer.

What crazy people would want to hurt these beautiful little creatures?



  1. Mac said,

    Over here in the states, we’ve been experiencing problems with animal cruelty too. Last year or so at the Aquarium of the Pacific, there were some teenagers that sneaked into the aquarium at night and started grabbing some of the baby sharks out of the tanks and wacked those sharks to death. Some of the personnel from the aquarium pressed for legal action against those teenagers that committed those crimes. Unfortunately, crimes continue to persist around the world.

  2. Anonymous said,

    I live in Melbourne, but haven’t caught up with the news… that is so appalling… why would anyone do that – sensely killing …. it upsets me when I hear about that and to make matters worse, if they are caught, the laws don’t hand out that tough penalties for cruelty to animals…. Cheers

  3. Anonymous said,

    you echoed my sentiments exactly – I often wonder why the laws aren’t tougher on animal cruelty…. to me, it shows something ingrained in a person.. and that isn’t nice…. not people you would want to know…..

  4. Bellemai said,

    I cannot stay near a person who can hurt an animal. I broke up with a guy who was nearly a millionaire (he is, by now) because he would shoot the rabbits on his farm just because they were there. He wasn’t a farmer, just lived on the farm. I HATE killing. Thanks for that story on the penguins. It’s heart-wrenching, but it’s good to have the info.

  5. Bowzer said,

    That’s very sad and very wrong. Hope they get put away for that.

  6. pETE said,

    And we had some attacked in Sydney and their nests disturbed also – only gutless sick minded scum would do something like that

  7. The Original Lady In Red said,

    That’s really heartbreaking and sickening..I recently watched the documentary that Morgan Freeman did..March of the Penguins…I’ve always thought they were beautiful creatures, but I learned alot about them..
    People have some very cruel and sick tendencies..This one was both cruel and sick.

  8. Я£ЏМǾήÐØ said,

    I just read OZshielas blog on this and followed the link to yours. I was angry when I commented on Christine’s blog have calmed down a lil bit. So now I just want these people Dead. not the shot drawn and quartered part.. thought that is what they deserve. With so many people working hard to save this planet in one way or another it is hard to come to tearms with dickheads who want to do all they can to destroy all the good work.I can understant people who for one reason or another don’t help or contribute but to go and wantonly destroy is just bloody pathetic.

  9. Truculent Trencherman™ said,

    Wo what a senseless act of random violence. It makes one wonder what goes on in the minds of the people who did this…

  10. Anonymous said,

    I blame the parents! I would beat my children half dead if I ever found out they had anything to do with this sort of thing and they know it. I am not violent unless violence is provoked upon me or someone who is defenseless. I believe that eye for an eye should be applied here. I too am sick to death of the stronger taking advantage of the weak. If you aren’t intelligent enough to know how to coexist with others who are not necessarily your cup of tea then you aren’t good enough to breathe the same air as those of us who are.

  11. Anonymous said,


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