Six Weird Things About Me…

December 20, 2006 at 5:03 pm (Uncategorized)


Bellemai tagged me…


The rules are simple. If you are tagged you have to post a blog listing six weird things about yourself. You then tag six other people. Post a comment saying that they are tagged and to read your blog for instructions.

Six Weird Things About Me…

1. This morning I walked around our offices giving out xmas chocolates with horns on my head, when questioned about it I told them I was the horny xmas elf.

2. Sometimes I like to sleep on my lounge to be closer to my cat Truffles.

3. I once had an anxiety attack on a airplane so they put me in Business Class.

4. I have a big rubber black cat on my desk at work.

5. I can cross my eyes.

6. I can twitch my nose like a bunny.



  1. teresa r said,

    lol this is a funny blog. thanks i needed that laugh. i love this blog. i had fun reading it. i hope that i dont get tagged, beacause i dont know what to say weird things about myself. i hope this never happends to me please wish me luck it never happends thanks. i hope that you have a great christmas and a fun new year take care my awesome new friend teresa resheske

  2. Bellemai said,

    LOL! FDLOL! ROFLOL! I love it. twitch yer nose like a bunny! you are the ultimate cool, my friend! Thanks for a giggle when I really needed one!

  3. ashes said,

    Like the horns… might have to try it tomorrow..

  4. Anonymous said,

    Was that horns as in pointy things or two French Horns? Ha! Now that would be funny.

  5. Anonymous said,

    However,wish you a merry christmas and happy New year.

  6. Curtis said,

    see nothing weird about that lolMerry Cristmas and Happy New Year !!!!

  7. Anonymous said,

    Now those are pretty weird things, but interesting. I’m not sure if I could print my weird things…lol….nice page, I enjoy it, thanks

  8. Anonymous said,

    I will do this but later this morning and hey those things you listed aren’t that weird!

  9. Bowzer said,

    I always have an anxiety attack when I see the price of Business Class tickets!

  10. Anonymous said,

    LOL..I agree with Bowzer…price of airplane tix is a bit much. HOrny elf huh? Did anyone take you up on that? LOL… I actually had this blog about 2 months ago..I’ll send you the results.

  11. Anonymous said,

    how funny ur !

  12. Anonymous said,

    man thats pretty weird. but Im weirder try me 🙂

  13. Anonymous said,

    Lord willing, I’ll roll over & bite u too…LMAA…

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