Behind the Line is Fine…

November 28, 2006 at 4:25 am (Poetry) ()


Keep behind this line.

It says on the train platform.

But if I keep behind the line will everything really be fine?

I choose to get on the train even though I don\’t know its destination.

I have crossed the line.

Now what?

Its like being born, crossing that line, and getting on the train.

Its like life, being on that train, as it stops at stations.

Just as people come and go in your life, people get on and off the train.

You look out the window and wonder if you are going in the right direction.

Will your train crash, run out of power or end up rusted and empty of no use to anyone, anymore.

Ultimately we all end up at the same destination.

But will our journey be shared with someone on the same track?

Or will all our loves get off before the end?

Thats what I would like to know.


Love Me xxxx

p.s I didn\’t take the photo.



  1. Anonymous said,

    HMMMMMM had to give that one some thought fluffy. i guess we can all hope we are on a train with our friends and they dont all get off at once or before we do and if they do get off then hopefully as friends get off the train more friends get on. love to you. Deb. 🙂

  2. Anonymous said,

    prosper in your own (sweet) way, darling… live life to the fullest (when you can)… rest (when you have to)… take everything in stride, love and be loved… when you feel alive, it’s cause you’re doing just that… the yin and the yang… bask at the glory of sunlight through rain droplets… respect yourself and others who respect you… be frivolous and unwind when others are foolishly afraid to do so… is the train moving…? the train is always moving… and our vibrations will be here long after we’re gone… the true name of the train…? mortal coil…

  3. JD said,

    Very cool Fluffy cat,we are all on a journey enjoy the ride & RIDE ON ! 😉

  4. Anonymous said,

    True and inspiring. Thanks for making my christmas a happy one. i have enjoyed your blog. You are not only very beautiful and photogenic. I have fogotten how sad i was. thank u so much.

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