November 20, 2006 at 4:31 am (Poetry) ()


I see your photo and it all comes back

Too brilliantly and too brightly

The joy and affection we shared

It seemed to happen so quietly

And now I see your beautiful face

It brings it all back again

I fell for you and it wasn’t to be

Too short and all too fleeting

But I would do it again in an instant

If you heard my heart beating

For you are warmth, comfort and peace

And I’d fall all over again.

A happy memory that’s tinged with hurt

Too deep and too intense the feeling

You didn’t want that from me I know

Tears don’t help they are streaming

As they dry on my face I\’ll surrender to him

But I’ll not be hurt again.

Sorry, nostalgia set in, that\’s me in the photo�when I was about 26?

Love Me xxx



  1. MykelO said,

    You were almost as good looking then as you are now! 😉

    I hid from the possibility of hurt for quite a long time. It seemed the sensible thing to do. Now I take my risks, I choose to expose myself to the risk of hurt, dissapointment and much else. In return I get the odd smile, some happy moments and still remember what has been.

    Be happy, Michael.

  2. Anonymous said,


  3. JD said,

    Touching piece of writing Fluffy cat.
    Lurve the Pearls & pose and what pair of Doc Martens were you wearing 😉

  4. [deleted] said,

    Please…DON’T apologize! This kind of thing is what can bring out the deepest, most beautiful part of us. Pieces we thought we had forgotten. This is very beautiful. Love and pain can sometimes go hand in hand. To love someone so deeply, only to be hurt…yet we can’t stop our hearts from feeling what it wants to feel. Very touching. I really love this. BTW…whew girl! You hot little thang you! 😉

  5. Anonymous said,

    I agree with Sweet Nicki … never apologize and you are very, very good. Nicki stole all my words lol Joking aside… You have great skill and should write more. I’m enjoying my first visit and will read more of your lovely blog… Sweet Lady…. Tim

  6. Anonymous said,

    well ! that’s probably the best picture of the year for all arts ! thanks for sharing !

  7. Anonymous said,


  8. Anonymous said,

    well you’ve aged like fine wine havent you.

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