Having a Blah Day…

November 13, 2006 at 9:00 pm (Uncategorized)


Today I am having a blah day.

I didn\’t even go to work.

And I love my work.

So I am watching daytime TV (how boring) and just relaxing.

Waiting til I feel better.

We all have blah days.

Today is mine.

A photo of a beautiful tiger that I took earlier this year when I visited Taronga Park Zoo in Sydney. I put this photo up not only because Tigers are my favourite animal and I was born in the year of the Tiger but because the day I went to Taronga Park Zoo was a very special day for me.

I was in Sydney for the Semi Permanent Conference and after two days of sitting in a large hall at the Sydney Convention Centre, listening to various people talking about graphics, special effects etc, I decided I would spend sunday morning before heading back to Brisbane at the Zoo.

For anyone reading this that hasn\’t been to Taronga Park Zoo in Sydney it is gorgeous. It overlooks Sydney Harbour and its famous bridge. The strangest thing is seeing giraffes in front of this multimillion dollar view of Sydney Harbour.

Anyway, it was an absolutely clear winters day, the sky was so blue and it was sunny but chilly, so I caught a cab from my hotel at Darling Harbour to the Zoo, adopting a very friendly Pakistani cab driver who decided he should sleep in his cab until I finished at the zoo so he could drive me straight to the airport. (I think he wanted to marry me or something)

I knew I intended to spend most of my hours there with the big cats so headed straight for the lions and tigers (and bears, oh my!)

For the next few hours I walked between the enclosures of the lions, tigers and snow leopards. I marvelled at their beauty, elegance and power. How much more in love could I fall with these amazing creatures?

So on a day when I feel blah, it is nice to remember the amazing morning I spent at Taronga Park Zoo.

Love Me xxx



  1. Anonymous said,

    Was a blah day for me too, fluffy, and I also stayed home from work. Now its time to sleep and then make a better run at it tomorrow! Awesome picture of the tiger! Here’s wishing you the opposite of ‘blah’ for your tomorrow…..the time zone thing is really confusing – its nite for me and day for you? No matter, ‘un-blahs’ on your next sunrise!!! Hugs to you!

  2. Manda said,

    Meh, blah days always feel worse than they really are. I think there’s a. guilt attached (and there shouldn’t be) and b. frustration that we don’t know what’s causing them.

    as long as one blah day doesn’t turn into another into another. if they do, let me know and we’ll do a girls day.

    actually, we should do a girls day anyway.

  3. Anonymous said,

    Beautiful tiger. I can’t blame the taxi driver. 😉 Blah days are just Gods way of saying, slow down, you’re moving to fast. Ya gotta make the mornin’ last. Just trippin’ down the cobble stone. Seein’ the fun in bein’ groovy.

  4. JD said,

    Hey Fluffy hope the Blah is over.
    I love Animals but Zoo’s make me sad, I hate to see any animal caged and its good that many Zoos today have created open environments for the animals to have some quality.If you ever get the chance, There is a very cool book called Callanish about eagles in the London zoo who have the opportunity to escape captivity, some of the birds leave ,others know nothing other than life in captivity & are too scared to leave the safe haven provided by humans,also there is a human story intermingled. It’s a great read.

  5. MykelO said,

    I read your Blog every time you post. They always stike a chord with me although it often seems inappropriate to make any comments. I just loved your rocking seat; I can remember exactly the same design occupied by my brother, now deceased, as he tried to manipulate it to crush my toes.

    Your eyes make and old man very happy as do your little pieces of art work.

    At London Zoo, you can stand the other side of a huge glass panel with tigers only inches from you. You can feel the contained power of them as they lithely prowl past. Negotiate extremely hard with the next taxi driver, I feel you have a massive fortune within your grasp! 😉

    Halb. Tomorrow is Halb day. The reverse of Blah.

    Warm wishes, Michael.

  6. [deleted] said,

    Sounds absolutely wonderful. ***sigh*** . Hopefully one day I’ll have the pleasure of visiting there( before I’m old and back in diapers and have to hauled around in a wheelchair….oh yes, and while I can still SEE. LOL). I have always been fascinated with big cats. They are so big and elegant…graceful and majestic. How could one NOT love ’em!?

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