More Poetry from My Leprechaun Book…

November 11, 2006 at 9:32 pm (Poetry) ()




Suddenly I\’m alone with you

And I\’m not sure what to do

But when you whisper in my ear

That you\’ll always want me near

I know I\’ll always stay with you

Because my love is true.


In bed we lie close just to rest

My head leaning on your chest

I warm at once to your caress

Passion I cannot supress

You want more and so do I

Then together we must fly


My arm in yours as we walk

How we like to talk and talk

Words that tell me how you feel

I ask you if our love is real

You say to look into your eyes

As that is where the answer lies.


We dance and dance as it gets late

You tell me that I must wait

For reasons that you cannot find

The door is shut in your mind

Why do our two hearts beat as one

And is it from love that you run.


You hid what was in your heart

And now we are far apart

I\’m sorry for the things I said

But all I could see was red

You missed your chance I loved you so

One day you\’ll remember that and know.


Hmmmm. Another sad love story, I think I was in love with being in love back then. There is some happy poetry in that book but not very much. I suppose its because I tend to write poetry when I am either intensely happy or intensely sad. With poetry I don\’t think there is an inbetween.

The picture of the front cover is for the lovely roses. I hope you like it roses!


Love Me  xxxx



  1. Anonymous said,

    Sad love stories are what created the Blues, and oh how I love the Blues.

  2. JD said,

    Cool Poem & book cover. Poetry written in-between happy & sad is hard as it’s like trying to drive a car that is in neutral,can’t be done until you decide what direction you wish to go , you end up in either forwards or reverse,happy or sad,so what is in-between? The in-between I luv is that place in between awake & asleep The dreaming, a cool place in-between yeah .

  3. ♥♥♥ r o s e said,

    thanks fluffy, for posting the leprechaun for me.. its wonderful… kisses and hugs to you…
    poetry, i think lots of people wrote poems when they are very happy or very sad, if you wrote sad words down, the sadness in your soul will decrease, writing down happy moments, you feel better….

  4. Alan D said,

    Are these books that you can buy? Are you an author?

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