Some Poetry…

November 10, 2006 at 12:19 am (Poetry)


I wrote when I was young, around the time this photo was taken, in the early eighties, thats me with my nephew.


Breath soft like springs breeze,

whisper mellow  like unforgotten days,

passing by with ease.

Eyes beguiling like dawns afterglow,

smile bright like midday sun,

reflecting on wintery snow.


The Golden Key


Sometimes I stop and I recall

The things that we have done

We laughed and really had a ball

Yes we\’ve had a lot of fun

Yet something deep inside

Tugs and won\’t let go

It tells me feelings I must hide

Things that you can\’t know

I feel warm at your name

And breathless at your smile

Sometimes I think its just a game

We\’ll both play for a while

I smell the flowers, see the sun

Things seem fresh and new

Love has really just begun

When I think of you

But mostly it seems unreal

A love we cannot share

For I know you can\’t feel

The same, it isn\’t fair

Sometimes I feel like a fool

When about you I dream

I\’m drowning an emotional pool

From which there is no stream

But if you do love me

You know where you can find

The miracle of a golden key

That wil unlock your mind.


These poems are from a book I used to write all my poetry in. I started writing in this book in 1979, it is white with a drawing of a Leprechaun on the front, don\’t know why it has a Leprechaun on the front. So I was about 17 when I first started and the last poem I wrote in that book was in 1988.

Some of the poems have notes about who they were for, but most of them don\’t. So who was I thinking of when writing these poems? I can only guess. Some boy I liked at high school or art college. I was obviously very much in love for a lot of my youth, with boys that didn\’t love me it seems!

Anyway, its nice to look back and think, wow, didn\’t I have the most amazing deep feelings back then. And I am glad I have a record of what I was like as a teenager/young woman.

And I am also very glad I am still capable of those deep feelings of love, affection and passion.

After all what would life be without them.


Love Me xxx



  1. MykelO said,

    It is the one emotion you can never control, Love sneaks up on you every time when you least expect it.

    I hope you enjoy being surprised soon.

    Enjoy your weekend, Michael.

  2. ♥♥♥ r o s e said,

    like this… perhaps you can scan in the Leprechaun.. would be nice to see

  3. Anonymous said,

    We never know when passion and love will overtake us, often without even catching a glimpse of it coming.

  4. Anonymous said,

    your poem reflects all the emotions that i felt for my very first girl friend.

  5. Anonymous said,

    They loved you, they just did not know it.

  6. Anonymous said,

    You were a very sensitive young lady.From what I can read you are equally attuned to your feelings as a woman.ahhhh someone will be very lucky.(((Fluffy)))00 ty for the share..

  7. Jerre G said,

    I really enjoyed reading your poetry.. being a poetry lover at heart myself.. It is wonderful to reflect when we write back at certain times and emotions.. especially if we have a record of them such as poetry it certainly brings to life the moment..Thanks for sharing and many blessings

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