For This I am Thankful…

October 19, 2006 at 3:00 am (Uncategorized)


Photo of my desk at work.

I love my job. I love what I do. In a world where so many people work in jobs they don\’t like just to pay the bills I consider myself truly lucky.

I work at a university, mostly designing graphics for teaching materials. So in other words a lecturer may be teaching nursing, for instance, and I may design graphics for their website. My goal is to engage the students by using analogy or representation.

Apart from thoroughly enjoying what I do, I like and respect the people I work with. I work with programmers, learning designers, project managers, photographers, other graphic designers etc. Most of us get on famously and genuinely like spending time together. Instead of all heading off in different directions for lunch and morning tea we generally eat together either in our office kitchen or at the campus coffee shop. Sometimes we have lunch off campus too. We have dinners together, go to the movies, have picnics, go walking etc.

We also have social gatherings at work like an Iron Chef competition. We choose a theme and whoever wants to cook does so and we all taste the dishes and vote for the winner.

I even live next door to my collegue and friend who I sit next to at work, and her partner is a lecturer at the same university. Earlier this year when I had to have surgery for a breast tumour she looked after me afterwards and made sure I was okay. Another workmate cooked me chicken soup, another visited me while I was recovering, and they all chipped in to buy me flowers and a lot of indulgent food which was wonderful. Throughout my difficult times they have loved and supported me for which I am so thankful.

Going to work for me is almost never a chore, it is usually a joy. Of course, as in every job there are pro\’s and con\’s but for me the pro\’s far out weigh the con\’s.

So this entry is dedicated to my wonderful friends at work and to those I have met through work even if they no longer work with me.

Thank you beautiful people.

Love Me xxx



  1. ♥♥♥ r o s e said,

    You are going to work with smile in the morning… saying.. i am allowed to go. I like my work also, i like coming back. Thats not often, lots of people dont like their job they do, lots of people havent a job. Its great how you say thanks to the people who work with.

  2. Anonymous said,

    They deserve my thanks they are wonderful people.

  3. ms p said,

    nice job,wonderful friends,is always a winner.cherish them both.nice to meet ya.

  4. Anonymous said,

    There are 2 ways. 1st working just for the bills, going everyday with hate and just to think about money.. We have to.. so eat that….But…. After work going outside, bars or shoping just for relax and spending more then we earn.. Because we think we deserve that, we are making that f.worksssss.

    2nd one is not thinking about money only.Loving our job.. getting fun with it. trying to do best as we can do and enjoy with it. Anyhow we earn less we can save better..

    i dont think this is a luck only. i like to call “knowing yourself” and and finding your nature

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