I promised my good friend…

October 16, 2006 at 5:48 pm (Photoshop, Uncategorized)


That today I would write a list of all the things I truly love, not necessarily in this order…

My List

  1. Us as the Three Amigos (that\’s her, Amanda darling, in the middle, Colin my sweet friend on the left and little me on the right)
  2. Fluffybutt
  3. Truffles
  4. My house
  5. Sunsets
  6. Mangos
  7. Sleeping
  8. My job
  9. Happy dogs
  10. Laughing children
  11. Drawing
  12. Painting
  13. Writing poetry
  14. My computer
  15. Creating images
  16. Hugs
  17. Snow Leopards
  18. Tigers
  19. The Scent of Jasmine
  20. Hot Coffee
  21. Dark chocolate
  22. Warm Bubble Baths
  23. Sex
  24. My friends
  25. Smooth Silky Skin
  26. Massages
  27. Films starring Johnny Depp
  28. Music that makes me happy, sad or lifts my spirit
  29. The possums that run across my roof
  30. Doodling
  31. Really creamy ice cream
  32. Cheesecake
  33. Sunshine (when its not too hot)
  34. Rain (when its not too cold)
  35. An open fire on a cold night
  36. Candlelight
  37. The Full Moon
  38. Skinny Dipping
  39. The Rainforest
  40. The Ocean
  41. to be continued

Now Amanda has just told me that since I have spent such a long, long time looking after other people (my mum and husband), that this year I should look after myself and get to know the real me.  I put my life on hold as I cared for them and while I cared for them out of love I had very little time for myself.

So now I am on my own for the first time in a long time, and it is time for me to start enjoying \”me\”.

Its hard to find my feet sometimes, I have my ups and downs and I miss the closeness of the relationships I had with them, and long to share my life with someone special again. But until that day happens I need to find myslef.

Amanda says I should start to experience everything on my list for myself, and take the time to make each thing on my list a blissful, joyful moment in my life. She said I should leave out No.23 though. LOL

So, thank you Amanda. Love you, girlie pants.



  1. ♥♥♥ r o s e said,

    no, dont leave out 23, to much joy to much pleasure, wont miss them.. smile…
    but she has right in telling you looking for you and try everything you want..
    do everything with joy and of course with abandonment and attendentness

  2. Chantoozie said,

    lol about 23, noone needs to give that up! This was a good idea Miss Fluffy, and your friends sound terrific. Love the pic!

  3. JD said,

    32 on ydob dluohs eveal tuo eseehc ekac 😉

  4. Anonymous said,

    iam friends with backpacker.
    ive enjoyed looking at your blog.
    sorry it sounds like your mom and husband went to heaven?
    you say that u looked after them.now you are alone?
    god will take care of you.
    you sound very sweet.
    i liked that blog about the dream.
    was it a real dream or just a poem?
    iam married 40 yrs old, one beutiful 23 yr old daughter and two wonderful grands!!!
    i live in nc.
    i hope to see you on my friends list soon.
    yes do that list but be careful about 23.lol.safety first…

  5. Manda said,

    ello Lizard!!! i love looking over this list sometimes just to find out a little more about you.

    i’ve asked Lizard to leave out 23 because i don’t want anything in the list to potentially hurt her. i think she needs a bit of ‘non-hurt’ time.

    lizard and i are going to ‘officially launch’ her list. we’re going to drink red wine, eat gooey cheese and begin the year of the list.

    and i have a pressie for you too, lizard. there’s more to this list yet to come.

    love you chicken pants.

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