October 13, 2006 at 11:35 pm (Photoshop, Uncategorized) ()

 Here is one of my experiments into photo manipulation, of course its quite old now and I could improve on it if I wanted to. But I still like it. There is something about the fact that it is not perfect that gives it a more dreamlike quality.

The photo is one of myself when I was about 16-17 and its one of my favourite photos I have of myself, you can see it in my photo album. My hair was so long I could sit on it. Very soon after that photo was taken I went off to art college and cut it all off into a very sixties type bob.

My darling mother used to encourage my creative talents like no one else. She was a fantastic dressmaker and owned german dress pattern magazines from the 1950\’s onward (which I now have) and we used to sit down together and choose the most amazing dresses for her to make me. Then we would go shopping to buy the fabric, there are still boxes and boxes of unused fabric we bought together (in storage) and she always loved going op shopping with me too.

If I wanted to dye my hair or do something outrageous to it, she would be right in there helping me. She was the best mum in the world, and I will always love her and cherish her memory.

She passed away 10 months ago today.



  1. Chantoozie said,

    I just love the pic!

    You have had a wonderful mother. May she be eternally blessed in heaven. I know she lives in a special place in your heart and those memories are always precious. Thanks for sharing. Luvbugs from Lili xxx

  2. Anonymous said,

    You are a very talented person. Save this before u redo it if u deside to do it again. Thats why we have rain clouds so our angels can find there way to heaven. I am sorry for your hurt. But u seem to be doing much better than me. Bless u. I am sorry for our losses.

  3. BADRWY N said,


  4. Teressa Shannon Dillinger said,

    I luv the picture, and so glad ur mom was such a positive influence on you!So was my mom, Mother was truly my best friend, and she passed dec 7, 2006, Fluffy, I miis her so much, especailly when i am feeling bad.. now i feel so alone, then when I look at all my friends 360 and read the blogs and see what they have shared, I feel good inside, stop by my 360 anytime!

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