October 11, 2006 at 3:06 am (Drawing)



For those that don\’t know, magpies are common black and white birds slightly smaller than a crow/raven.

I have the utmost admiration for these birds. Usually they are lovely birds that will befriend you if you feed them, sing for you, and generally entertain you. They have cheeky little faces.

But once a year around September they begin to nest. Then beware. For those pedestrians or bicycle riders that dare enter their territory will soon feel sorry they have.

I have had my share of run ins with these feathered kamikazies. A few years ago I was across the road from my workplace when suddenly I felt a thwack in the back of my head. Stunned I looked around to see a magpie (equally as stunned) on the ground shaking its head as if it hit me so hard it dropped out of the air.

Ever since then I dread the sound of flapping behind my head.

So this afternoon I am walking home from work minding my own business, when suddenly I hear the flapping of wings, I spin around and there it is swooping on me. Trying to defend myself I throw my arms in the air waving them around me head. Then it turns around and comes toward me again, I run across the road, still waving my arms around my head to the amusement of a variety of onlookers.

There is nothing else that makes you feel like such an utter twit than wandering around waving your arms or your handbag around your head. And I spent the rest of the walk home jumping out of my skin at every rustle in every tree as if this crazy bird was following me home.

But as I said, I admire magpies, they are defending their young. And they do a bloody good job at it. And if it means we have to wave our arms around our heads or carry umbrellas or just avoid the areas that they inhabit for one month every year, I say good on them. If only more parents cared so much about their young.

Love Me xxx

PS quickie drawing of magpie



  1. Chantoozie said,

    Well I definitely commend you for liking them after they have been trying to attack you. I know exactly what you mean as I live right next door to a park where they nest every September. I have found that they are quite smart birds and get to recognise your face. If you persist in walking past their territory and they recognise you, they will leave you alone. However, you do really have to have a lot of patience and feel truly confident that you can pull this one through without getting an injury from an attack. As for the Magpies football team, yeah they are the best. I’m a Port Supporter. Go the Magpies! 🙂

  2. JD said,

    Magpies are cool characters,you don’t mess with ’em that’s for sure.
    would be funny to watch ya waving your arms

  3. Anonymous said, Alfred Hitchcock moment-how scary! somewhere buried in my blogs is a painting of magpies i did, accompanied with one of the Dreamtime stories about them.

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