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What do have I for you today! I am not sure.

Some of you know that Fluffybutt is the name of one of my cats. When I first got her in 1999 she had been handed from family to family from house to house and she had quite a lot of neurosis for a cat. I am pretty sure she had OCD truth be known.

One of her favourite OCD things was ripping up paper. You could not leave any paper anywhere! She would rip up anything from bills, to newspaper. If only I had have had her as a pet when I was a child, I really could have said \”the cat ate my homework\”. We often joked about hiring her out to the government to shred top secret documents.

I don\’t know how many of you know this but cats can\’t actually spit. You wonder why this is relevant, but I am getting to that. One day Fluff was ripping up paper, and she ended up with one tiny triangle shaped piece of paper on her nose. She tried to get it off but everytime she licked it off, she ended up with it back on her nose again, because she couldn\’t spit. It was one of the funniest things I have ever seen.

When I first fell in love with her, I would make up little songs and sing them to her, one went like this…

She has a heart shaped nose

And fluffy little toes

She has soft velvety ears

And lots and lots of fears

She has the softest fur

And loves to purr and purr

She\’s a very fluffy grey cat

And that is that.

I promise I shall take a photo of the both of us soon and post it to this blog.

Love Me xxx

P.S.  Here is a doodle for you.


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  1. Anonymous said,

    photo is beautiful!

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