To Love

October 9, 2006 at 1:23 am (Poetry) ()


I have two poems that I wrote today. One I wrote while walking home and the other once I got home and fed my girls, Fluffybutt and Truffles.

My House

Come and live with me in my house

Get off the bus and walk down the hill.

You will see the brewery in the distance.

As you turn the corner you will smell jasmine.

Two houses down from the end of the street,

Is a small brown cottage with green glass windows.

Plants wind their way around the front steps.

Open the wooden door and inside you will find

The silver lining that was in your dark cloud

When you left on your journey to far off lands.

It is warm in this house and the wooden floors shine.

The kitchen claims the morning light

Peaceful and lovely all day long

This house has magic that can’t be seen

Its safe here not a house but a home

It’s a home that needs to be shared

A place to live, love and create

Look, the sun is shining

In the windows of your study

The cats lie lazily on the deck

The birds sing in the trees

The bedroom is calling us to lie down

And lovingly hold each other in the afternoon

Later we will rise and eat cool fresh fruit

We will watch the sunset and the night begin to fall

We will bathe each other in milk and honey

And look into each other’s eyes and say,

This is our house, our home, and our place.




So proud to be by your side.

But is time on our side?

We are all grown up with no where to hide,

A love so precious I can no longer deny.

Life is so short and we\’ve been apart so long

Do we both know what is going on?

I knew it on the day we met,

A day that�I will never forget

And darling I fear I must confess

Seven months later I love you no less.



Picture from the film Brazil.


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