A Winter Poem

September 26, 2006 at 2:23 pm (Poetry) ()

A poem I wrote in winter that I really like…

Cinnamon and Ginger


A glorious sunny day

But the wind is not so kind

And as the evening comes upon me

I begin to feel the cold creakiness

Of a winter night stirring in my bones

And this night I do not wish to feel the cold


Cinnamon, Ginger and Ylang Ylang

It says on this cube that looks like honeycomb

So I listen to a hot waterfall

And fill the bathtub three quarters full


I drop the cube into the water

It fizzes and releases a delicious fragrance

My toe is suspended above the steam

With anticipation

I gently ease my cool body under

Submerged, I am transformed

With thoughts of gingerbread and cinnamon toast


My muscles relax

My mind is soothed

My body is warmed


I lie there


I am thankful for having hot water

A bath

A roof over my head

I am thankful for not having war on my doorstep

For having food in my cupboards

And for being who I am


The water begins to cool

Forcing my evacuation

What is it about cinnamon and ginger?

Comforting and familiar

Like a hug from someone you love

It doesn’t really matter

I am just glad it exists





  1. deleted sorry said,

    Very nice poem i enjoyed reading it thank you for sharing 🙂 and happy xmas !

  2. Anonymous said,

    Well done Fluffy !

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