Entry for Sep 23rd, 2006

September 22, 2006 at 5:29 pm (Uncategorized)

Why is it so hard for a 43yr old woman to get a date?



  1. Frank C said,

    Just wanted to say I came in at the other end of your blogs for a quick glance and you engrossed me all the way to here. Can see why yahoo featured you. You have a life giving approach and your story tells me that your learning through it all and moving forward. I know if I were younger and lived closer I’d be wanting to go out with you. Just stay open I’m sure you’ll draw someone special that recognizes the alive person you are.

  2. Esteban's said,

    As Frank comments I can only agree with his views, by chance and been only a newby you got me all the way here, and unlike Frank I would love to ask you out! despite the distance (I live in Sydney) I would greatly appreciate if you would give a chance to meet you in a near future.. at the moment I have to back to work the 2nd of Jan and would like to get my blog going so you could find a bit more about me..LOL not that im near interesting as you are, you have a great personality… Keep us amused with your blog.

  3. ashes said,

    well.. you are beautiful.. so maybe its your evil ways.?? no matter.. I am sure you will find your mate soon.

  4. Anonymous said,

    Maybe your looking in the wrong places. Vary who in your circles and go from there.

  5. dockerty said,

    Better dateless and peaceful v. an “arm ornament” that is a constant boat anchor. haveablast and too bad that you have too many friends. 8-)~ Doc…across the ocean, east of you.

  6. *♥*♥thehotness*♥*♥ said,

    It’s hard for a 33yo woman to get a date

  7. NoWaysTired2 said,

    Because all the 43 year old men must be lazy, crazy and a bit hazy LOL. If I was around your neck of the woods it would be on. Why not? Some coffee, a snack, a movie, just something fun to do. Folks are looking (let me say that again) folks are looking outside instead of inside. Matters of the heart are overlooked for what matters outside. That’s the problem with both men and women.

  8. Anonymous said,

    you look 23, perhaps you are not ready.. time will still the heart. I find it difficult to believe you aren’t beating the beasts off with a stick Fluff. What ever it is this has nothing to do with your looks… they are amazing. wait, time will bring you to the right place.

  9. Scribbler Girl said,

    Oh i would say this, that I don’t even look for dates anymore. So at least you will have more luck, because when you give up like me, there is nothing but silence, and not much to look forward too! but you? you are at least asking this question! So you will be more successful perhaps! (I care about things like that but at moment caught up in past still, entangled somehow! can’t cut vines loose! HA)
    Hey you! I am reading your blogs this week, I will go through them daily as long as yahoo will let me..and see what i have missed. Can I grabe your pics on the way through luv? Pretty please?

  10. Anonymous said,

    Come to NY and you will have plenty of dates. Why can’t i get a date with a women. answer . people are just out for themselves and don’t want to have someone

  11. Anonymous said,

    I’d go out with you in a heartbeat!! sure wish you were closer to me 🙂

  12. Indy-r said,

    Heyy, not sure if you still keep track of old blog posts.. just came across yours today. Havent been to this neck of woods before… but hey there has been fascination towards older women.. no idea why.. maybe the experience??

    According to your last post there is someone in your life.. ALL THE BEST, Babes.. Have fun,,, enjoy life..
    But all the best in life..

    WOuld love to meet you and your special man 🙂 🙂 … if we do get a chance.

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